Children Love Philanthropy

Send in the Clowns


Over the years I had the pleasure of working with clowns.  Not just my husband…but real cool, goofy and fabulous clowns.  As an employee and volunteer for The Make-A-Wish Foundation® for years, you interact with children daily.  And where there are children, there are clowns.

Several years later, we still are embraced by clowns.  My husband came home today with these balloon flowers for our children.  This sweet gentleman who I never would have guessed was a clown, gave them to him for our girls.  He actually took the time to make these gems just for them…just the thought of this in itself is golden.


I have put them in a vase on the kitchen table, so when they wake up in the morning they will don a smile.  I can just see my lil ones dancing around with their special flower close to their heart all day.  Maybe I should get out the face paint?

Foundation Highlight of the Week: The Make-A-Wish Foundation® fulfills wishes for children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 18 who confront life-threatening medical conditions. Granting wishes helps these children find the hope they need to transform their life-threatening illnesses into life-affirming triumphs.