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Quality of Life Achieved

I met a man this past weekend at a private event for The Glennwood House in Laguna Beach.  His name is Randy Larson.  He is a successful man with a breadth of knowledge and experience in finance, management, accounting, human resources and marketing. But more importantly, this man had a vision.  It started 25 years ago when he co-founded and ran the special needs AYSO VIP soccer programs.  In addition he coached Challenger Little League Baseball and Hot Hoops Basketball.  Why does he do this?  This man has a dream.  A dream that one day his son could achieve the quality of life he deserved.


photoRandy and his wife, Ginny, a teacher, are parents to Trevor, a 30-year-old man, with a terrific sense of humor, Down syndrome and the inspiration for this dream.

Serving the special needs community is Randy’s passion.  He has made a lifelong commitment and pledged that the Glennwood House of Laguna Beach will set the new standard for special needs supported living in California, and nationwide.  And it has, with amazing supporters at his side.





From local support to Sir Elton Johns financial support and the most recent involvement from Marine life artist and Laguna Beach resident Wyland, they are all part of something beautiful.  Wyland got involved and volunteered to dress up the outside dining hall of Laguna’s Glennwood House with a sea mural and the help of 10 future resident candidates just a few months ago.


Mr. Larson, Congratulations!  Thanks for proving to all of us that you can live, work and breath your passion.  Dreams do come true.