Children Love

This Lil Light Of Mine

Light Up the Night

My 8-year-old daughter will make her First Holy Communion next weekend.  I have been planning everything to be special for her, as I am so proud of how hard she has worked to take this next step in her faith journey. Over the next few days I look forward to sharing with you what we have put together for her thus far…one of “favs” is the sky lanterns I just ordered.


The first time I shared about these special lanterns with you was on my birthday this past year.  I witnessed them being launched from the beach as I sipped my wine with a dear friend.  It was just magnificent.  So wonderful that I am planning to go back to that same spot and do a surprise launch of our own.

We will have roughly 20 family members flying into town to celebrate her day.  On the night of her communion we will take an evening trip to the beach to launch her special wishes.


Of course, I ordered all white ones.  I found them at Sky Lantern and right now they are running a special for 50% off if you want to jump on it for an upcoming occasion.

The fuel source in each sky lantern will burn for approximately 8-10 minutes. Just enough time for a special prayer shared together. I will have a lil lantern with me along with some flashlights for kids to make the night an adventure.  Light refreshments and goodies will also be in tow in a picnic basket.


The lanterns will typically make it between 2 and 5 miles from the original launch site before extinguishing and harmlessly floating back to earth to biodegrade. Each flight will vary, as will her experiences in life.  All I can do is show her how “powerful her light is when she shines” and continue to provide support for her in a blessed journey.