Children Love

Church (lil) Lady


Going to church with 4 lil ones under 8 is no easy feat.  I admire the parents whose routine is rock solid with their kiddos at mass, but this momma is still taking baby steps.  And just when you think you are done trying to keep 8 lil hands and feet still for an hour, “The Almighty” throws you a high-five.  My “Knocks” came this Sunday morning at 8:30 mass.


After holding my 2-year-old daughter in my arms – up and down for the entire mass, she finally wiggled out of my arms, stood up proudly and clasped her hands in prayer formation, quiet as a mouse.  The choir sang, she sang.   We sat, she sat. We stood, she stood. It happened.  It took 4 children and over 8 years for me to get this ultimate “High Five” from heaven.  I melted.  I was thankful.


If you feel there is no reason to bring your lil ones into your prayerful place of worship.  There is hope.  They get it, they love it and they want it.  Trust yourself and your congregation as well.  Just when I thought I was celebrating her first step in her faith journey on my own, I see fellow parishioners smiles light up as well.  As mass ended, our lil one headed down the aisle-she took in the happy waves and nods from everyone.  Then she proudly proceeded outside en route to her holy donut.


You do your best as parents to try and guide your children in their faith journey.  Some days are easier then others.  Just don’t give up.  They don’t want you to either.