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Simple Changes

Holy! Holy! Holy!

These three words I hear nightly during the Lenten season.   Why Holy, Holy, Holy?  I have transformed my traditional “Twinkle Twinkle” children bedtime songs to church hymns.  It has been so sweet to see the children walking about daily singing  “On Eagle Wings” or “Bread of Life”.  It was a simple change, but has made a large impact in my life as well as my children.  It started as a Lenten goal and has encouraged me to welcome beautiful transformations.

As our family celebrates these holy days of Easter, we take a moment to enjoy the peace that settles in all our hearts during this speical time.


We will also look for Easter baskets and enjoy the hunt…



…but will always bow our heads and honor its true meaning.

Have a Great Thursday, a Good Friday, a Super Saturday and most of all a Blessed Easter!