Children Friends

Japan Remembered 3.11.11

The True Meaning of Friendship

This past week was a whirlwind and I feel my life is not about to slow down.  I spring forward an hour, but before I do- I take a moment of silence.

I remember what happened to Japan over two years ago.  I  remember how our world came together as one right after.  I was inspired.

Do you remember what happened?



Please take this moment and watch this touching video – it will remind you….Click here




Japan has been receiving warm support from all over the world since the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. We were all affected, and many of us showed our support through various creative initiatives, making new connections and bonds across the world.

I discovered the Save The Children Project.  Although there is still much to accomplish, children and their families have come a long way since the days immediately following the disaster. We are reminded that the resiliency of children and their caregivers who have adapted to difficult changes in their lives, are now focused on what can be accomplished rather than what was lost. A special “Arigato” to all who are meeting the needs of children and are enhancing the civil society sector in Japan.

As we remember, find a way to say ARIGATO!