Month: March 2013

Simple Changes

Holy! Holy! Holy! These three words I hear nightly during the Lenten season.   Why Holy, Holy, Holy?  I have transformed my traditional “Twinkle Twinkle” children bedtime songs to church hymns.  It has been so sweet to see the children walking about daily singing  “On Eagle Wings” or “Bread of Life”.  It was a simple

A Masterpiece

A Beautiful Canvas I  love my life in So Cal. I truly have been blessed with such great family and friends-enjoying memories from San Diego through the Orange Curtain to Los Angeles. The only thing missing…my hometown crew in Northern California.  Days like today, when I should be happy for someone, I am sad.  

A Lenten Reward

Little Arms As we prepare for Palm Sunday, our family enjoys a lenten tradition that has been handed down through the ages. Baking Lenten Pretzels. Here we find another “fun” tradition of our faith, just like Easter eggs or hot cross buns. The pretzel indeed has its origins as an official food of Lent. The Vatican

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