Holidays Love

Spring Tease

Thank you Mr. President

We hit 85 degrees this past Saturday in Orange County, California.  Yes, it was a glorious day.  Some headed to the mountains and others hit the desert for the 3 day Presidents weekend getaway.   Our crew?  We finally had some much-needed peace and quiet right here at home.

We got the itch for some spring cleaning, so everything came out of the garage.  Oh the joys we found!  The biggest hit were all the new bikes we now had time to finally put together from the holidays…especially the one for our 4-year-old who learned how to ride a bike that day!  We are so proud of her, she rides every day now.


Take a peek at this sweet ride from Alice & Olivia.  Stacey Bendet’s outdid herself in her typical exuberant style, belted basket to boot!


This bike was originally bought for my 8-year old this past Christmas as part of the Neiman Marcus Target Collection, but once put together, it was too big for her.  Lucky Mommy!  I cruised all afternoon with the family.  I had not been on a bike in several years.

It’s amazing how a moment of mess can turn into one of the most beautiful and memorable moments.   In addition, my children had been longing for a family bike ride.   This weekend, they got that and so much more.