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This weekend, the hubby and I are honored of be part of hosting 15 University of Southern California students for a home cooked meal in a cozy home environment.


These events bring together peers and alumni in a fun and relaxed environment.


Many universities have programs that help students feel “at home” and welcome. At the University of Southern California they are called SCuppers.



The USC Alumni Association and a special group within the association “Society 53” are in their fourth year of hosting Trojan SCuppers, a series of dinner parties hosted by alumni for 10-15 students.


Last year the University had 30 SCuppers and over 400 students attended.


Since USC is located in Los Angeles and we live about 45-60 minutes from the University, USC provides transportation to our location for the evening out.



The program is simple: alumni host a dinner in their home or other place of their choosing (hosts should not spend more than $25 per person).



Students sign up to attend a dinner, and the USC Alumni Association develops a guest list for each SCupper and sends these to each host. They recommend having at least 2 hosts with 10 students and at least 4 hosts with 15 students.  We will have 3 hosts for our dinner.


If you are a USC Alum interested in hosting a SCupper, click here to apply.  If you are interested in finding out if your Alma mater do dinners, contact your Alumni House or Alum Association.



Note:  All photos copyright of USC Alumni Association Photostream.