Children Love

Communion Day

Her Faith Journey

My 8-year old daughter will make her first holy communion in April.  I am so excited for her as she has beautifully embraced this next step in her faith journey.


So begins the planning for her special day.  Her grandmother stated she wanted to help her find her special dress and of course I want to be involved in that special day to help pick something out too.  Recently she overheard me talking to a neighbor about some plans I had for her in picking out her dress.  I think all this talk around her finally made her speak up today, “Mom- you know, I would like to pick out my own communion dress.”  Oh dear…is this what her wedding will be like?  Yet again, so proud of my lil sweet angel, standing her ground to us older women in her life.

She has alot of great ideas and some things we looked at together, we both liked.  But we are taking baby steps together.  We both loved these cookies for party favors.


And for the boys making communion, don’t worry Moms- you can have some fun too!


We will you keep you posted on our planning for her big day…right now she was just thrilled that on her most recent American Girl Doll Store visit, they sold communion dresses for her doll!  Leave it to my daughter Grace.  A must have, right? Amen!