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An Apple A Day

Sweet Treats

My son received a Valentine from his godmother today.  It took everything out of me not to open up the sweet box it arrived in.  Hurry and get home from baseball already!


Wards Godmom (my cousin Sarah) recently moved to this charming new town in Wisconsin.  It did not surprise me that she found this gem right away.  How cute is Amy’s Candy Kitchen?


This retail store and 19th century open-concept kitchen is located in historic Cedarburg, Wisconsin. I love their story, especially about their beloved caramel.  No hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils and tastes just like grandma used to make.  Every batch contains NO trans fats, artificial colors, mono and diglycerides or shelf retaining preservatives that you might find in many big box retailers and grocery stores.  When we took our first bite into this goodness, you could taste the difference.  What a speciality-  ALL natural. Plump granny smith apples, caramel artisan made in old world copper kettles.  I so admire this lost art form.


Thanks Godmom Sarah.

For reminding us of the simple pleasures life offers…done the old fashion way.