Peace be with YOU

Are You Too Available?

I went to hear Renee Bondi recently and was moved by her teachings…yet again.  In the midst of this holiday bustle, one would think that taking a night out for yourself is crazy.  I mean, if it isn’t work, a school recital, a holiday gathering, or running a bazillion errands after you get the kids down to prep for holiday spirit…how can you really find the time to just go be at peace for a bit?  Well, I went there and yes- peace met me at the door.  Renee’s talk highlighted “praise”…and how we forget to praise when we are on the mountaintop, but mainly in the valleys.  How something so simple and wonderful to do, is so simply and sadly forgotten.


My peace that night went with me and stays with me.  It is so refreshing to wake up and say to myself “I am thankful for…” We all have so much to be thankful for in our lives.  Why not focus on the good? We all can get caught up in the “busyness” of being busy and making ourselves so available for everyone else, that we sometimes lose sight of where our paths really intend us to go.


If you just slow down and look up once in a while, you will hear the good, see the positive and be thankful for the peace you have been gifted for the day.