I Love Mom

A Tribute

Today is my moms birthday.  So before I begin this post, I want my mom to know how much I love her, respect her and appreciate her.   She always has been the pillar of strength for all of us and this year I want her to know that its our turn to be hers.  She has carried us all through so much in our lives and there comes a time as children that we let our parents know that we can also take care of them.


These past two weeks I have witnessed the blessings of motherhood.  My friend got on a plane last night to go witness her sister become a mother.  Last week, a friend asked me to join us for Christmas eve midnight mass, she lost her mother to Ovarian Cancer.  Another lost her 92-year-old grandmother last Friday, how blessed her family was to have her touch their lives for so long. This week I found a relative who just lost his mother Sunday- she was the one that brought us together. And this morning, I was sent a story on my childhoods friends mother who battled cancer.  All women touching one another in ways beyond words.  Mothers- they are powerful, they are beautiful.

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The most recent connect with a dear friend made me want to share her story with all of you this morning, in honor of all our mothers….especially on my moms birthday.

So, here it is.  My childhood friend Wendy Wyness Damonte grew up with me in Walnut Creek, California enjoying school and many competitive swim meets.(she will laugh at that comment).  She is now a great wife, mother of two living in Reno and anchoring the evening news on KTVN.

Her parents along with mine would be at all our swim meets, rooting us on and supporting our local public school in all our doings.  The last few years have been tough.  She lost her father Jer, then her mother, Diane was diagnosed with breast cancer.  It does not surprise me that this mother/daughter team decided to capture Diane’s journey to fight cancer.   Together they put together a  wonderful piece about her mother’s struggles.   It aired recently, and I urge you to take a moment to watch the courage, love and faith this family went on together….and please encourage all women to get regular check ups.

Wendy shares “If just ONE of you who watches this 23 minute video goes and gets screened for breast cancer, then my mom’s death won’t have been in vain.  My photographers at my TV station and I shot this story over the course of a year (2011).  And it took me another year to find the courage to put it together (2012).   This is My Mom’s Story, Her Battle With Cancer.”–x6e0

And lastly, Mom- I know you are struggling right now with the fact that you had to cancel your morning flight due to sickness.  Please rest, relax and know you are with us in spirit.  I love you forever…mommmoorree.  See you soon.