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Honoring Vets on Pearl Harbor Day

God Bless our Vets

As I began my day today, I took time this morning and jumped on Facebook to send out some special shout outs to all the vets in my life, namely my Uncle Don who served in Vietnam.   The courage and the sacrifice he made for our country has always been something I have truly respected.

Today is another opportunity for me to reach across the states to let him know I appreciate his actions and the man he has become.  It is just my lil way to observe this day of remembrance and honor military service members and veterans. Today is Pearl Harbor Day.

The President issued a presidential proclamation this week, calling for flags to fly at half-staff today. ‘‘Today, we pay solemn tribute to America’s sons and daughters who made the ultimate sacrifice at Oahu,’’ Obama said in a statement. ‘‘As we do, let us also reaffirm that their legacy will always burn bright — whether in the memory of those who knew them, the spirit of service that guides our men and women in uniform today, or the heart of the country they kept strong and free.’’  Also, a special thank you to both the fathers in my life… my dad Peter who serves proudly in the United States Coast Guard and my father-in-law Scott who represents the United States Air Force.

The Date of Infamy that launched an epic conflict with Japan took place in the early morning hours of December 7, 1941. Pearl Harbor was forever disrupted by the tides of war. The USS Arizona and 1,177 of her crew were among the first casualties of the Pacific War; the USS Arizona Memorial stands above the sunken vessel and her fallen sailors, serving as a reminder of their sacrifice and commitment.

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