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Elf on the Shelf Blog & Live Videos!

Fred Goes Live with Friends!

Many of you met our elf “Fred” last year when we posted this article about his journey in our home for the past 7 years.

Fred is now 8 and along with some of his fellow elves, they continue to make us smile.  Below the Crockers elf “Buddy” goes Picasso on the kiddos.

Here, the Kinards elf helps Daddy with his morning shave.

With all the great elf treats each morning, our lil guys have gone global.

The Elves now have their own blog.  Please join us and take a picture of your lil elf and send it in to share with others…even better, we want to know what your Elfs name is…reason? Post a pic of your elf sharing his magic on the Best Family Traditions facebook page. Ours was named after Grandpa Fred – he was a real sweetie with a great laugh!  He would have loved this lil guy!

You can also check out Elf on the Shelf via their super website where your children can watch videos of how the Elf on the Shelf came to life.  They even have an Elf Claus Couture Collection!

What’s next? Elf Weather Forecasts? Yep- they already have it…so jump online and fly into their magical world.