Advent Calenders

The Anticipation

Advent Calenders.  They help us count or celebrate the days in anticipation of Christmas.   A rejoiceful time…tis’ the season.

Seriously.  As our mouth waters over this idea, our lil ones enjoy the race each morning to open up their door of chocolate bliss.  We all have our own vices.

This year I found some other favorites…

1. Book Advent Calendar (Image via Apartment Therapy)

I absolutely adore this Advent Book Calendar idea. Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy 24 new books either…I keep all my holiday books stored together, so a simple wrap session rediscovering favorites would be memorable for the whole family.  Just make sure that Twas the Night Before Christmas is book number 24.

2. Advent Tea Calendar (image via Red Red Completely Red)

As many of you know, I love a cup of tea.  I would spice up each day with something new, maybe even throw in a couple of bags of honey on the 24th- to sweeten the day.

3. Random Acts of Kindness Calendar (Image via TSJ Photography)

Lastly, you all know how much I enjoy giving…especially when it is a random act.  I can think of no better way to spread holiday cheer and set examples for your children.

It is never too late to jump in on the countdown!