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And So It Was….

My mother’s family is quite large- 10 siblings from the midwest.  This gave me roughly 20 aunts and uncles and 40 plus first cousins….not to mention an entire town that knew your name.  Oh yah, they owned a bar too.

Their house on 671 25th Avenue was a 2 story charmer, cozy for a crew that big.  With that said, we were tight…in many ways.   Naturally when the whole town came to visit for holidays, good times were had, memories made and nicknames created.  Mine…LuLuBelle.    Some say it was long and fitting for my 11 lb. arrival at birth…others said it just fit.

Some say it was after the Little Lulu comic strip…

I get sent over anything family finds on  Lulu Belle …

My cousin is visiting Hawaii this week and she just shot over this…

In addition to LuLuBelle…the nickname “Wardo” was given to me by friends in high school and it stuck in college.  It was created after my maiden name.  Once my son Ward was born, I past that legacy on to him.

Do you have a nickname or two…love to hear your story!