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An Angel Here On Earth

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My mother-in-law Susan is a good person, with a golden heart and generosity beyond words.  So, it does not surprise me that the national media has found out about the very small town she is from…it is a way of life here.  A dream life?  No, this is reality.

The Angel story I am about to share with you today is about a lady named “Mary” from a small town population of 4,000.   Susan has always said  “People live in the Midwest because of the people not the weather”.  Well, I believe it.  I witness it year round with her actions alone.

Even in watching NBC correspondent Bob Dotson’s coverage, Susan was all excited about seeing the bandstand he reported from, it was designed by the “little boy” that grew up 3 houses from her.  That is simply….sweet.

Enjoy this wonderful story.  It is a gentle reminder of what we are capable of in our lives.  Happy Holidays.

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