Too Good Not To Share

4x the Yummy

As we enjoy all the gifts this season provides us, one of my all-time favs is the smells that Fall delivers.  Well, I have a secret…and I must tell!  This lil gem is just too good and too easy to prepare for me not to share with you.  When I bake this treat up, not only does it take less than 5 minutes, it will warm your heart and your home as it bakes for an hour releasing savory smells that just scream “cozy”.  Your entire household will thank you.

And it gets better…it’s a steal!  I found this little nugget at Costco.  A 4-pack box of Pumpkin Spice Quick Bread for $7.99. This gives you not only the best deal at $2 a loaf,  but it will give you that warm fuzzy feeling 4x over.

Kids love to help prepare loaves.  You can also add to pancake batter, create cookies, pumpkin bars and mini-muffins are fun too.  Loaves for me are just so easy and you get so much more from the baking part!  I tried baking loaf in my bread maker, bit it came out a lot more moist baking in my oven.  I will add walnuts every once in a while as well…so daring-I know!

Certain things in life should be this simple…just don’t forget the cream cheese frosting!