Anniversary Celebrations

Wedded Bliss

14 years ago today, I married my college sweetheart.  Dated 4 years, launched our careers, then set a date.

We all have our own unique story of how we met, the engagement, the big day.  But how do we celebrate the day we shared those special vows?  I am sure my husband would say that everyday is like entering the crazy unknown a special celebration, but how do we celebrate the big day?

I have shared with you a bit about how we renew our vows every 5 years, I also love the blessing of rings ceremony.  But this year, I am going to take us back in time…back to our college sweetheart days.  We are headed to The Ranch – Restaurant & Saloon.

I am talking country dancing…

In college, we arrived in packs to the local country bar to throw back ice-cold beers and hit the floor two stepping.  With some patience and a lil research, I found a place that targets us perfectly.

After we refresh our steps, this Saloon kicks off a live band performance.  Did I say this is on a Wednesday night?  We hit the jackpot!

There are so many directions you can take your loved one for a special night out…or stay in!  The two of you have an amazing story, its definitely worth the time to think of ways to pay a tribute to one another.  Cheers to your anniversary, there are gems out there waiting for the two of you to explore…together.  Make it a memorable one.