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A Neighborhood with Purpose

A New Season

This time of year, we grab the neighbors and line the streets with scarecrows.  Its our 8th season and we now have 70 scarecrows throughout our development of 90 homes.

Each year, children of all ages come out to help when Fall begins.

I normally send out a flyer to the neighborhood to inform them of what we are doing…we don’t ask for contributions anymore as our homeowners association sponsors us with $100 which we use to spruce up our existing scarecrows, purchase zip ties, and now…buy ribbon.  

It’s a simple tradition we have done for many years – here is an article on my blog about our peaceful protectors

As the neighborhood prepared to line the streets, we did a lil something different this year.  We came together and designed bows next to each scarecrow in honor of a young girl who passed away awhile back.  

This year, we sent out the flyer sharing “We will add Fall Autumn Bows to our scarecrows in honor our neighbor Nikki Catsouras and her family.  We honor them this year as they continue the journey in educating all of us to be kind online and to be aware of cyberbullying.  Visit for more information”  Trees and mailbox stands were covered with bows.

All of us in the community have been supportive over the years in our own unique ways, but recently when the family launched a book with their incredible journey, we felt a door opened for us to highlight our community support.

Forever Exposed is about much more than the aftermath of their daughters accident. In her moving and poignant memoir, mom Lesli Catsouras not only weighs the significance of freedom of speech in America against the complicated issues of cyberbullying and trolling, but also delves into the reality of how one ordinary family coped with such unimaginable circumstances.

We hope our daily reminder to the community provides support and love to this family.  It truly has been an amazing season thus far as we already witnessed a neighborhood come together for the greater good.  Something truly to be grateful for…