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Won’t Back Down

Change is Good

I received an invite recently.  I was asked by Circle of Moms to attend a private press screening of Won’t Back Down, a new Fox Studios film. Inspired by actual events, the film follows two determined mothers looking to transform failing inner-city schools and the future of their children.  Would you go?  Is that even a question?

I was able to bring a guest.  Do I bring the School President, PTA/PTO member, Teacher…who do I think would enjoy this movement of change the most?  I could think of no greater guest then my husband-the heart and soul of knowing the importance of change.

I am a product of both public and private school.  I knew schools were rated, but I had little knowledge of the Fail/Safe “Parent Trigger” Law.  After seeing this movie, what an education.  The two parents who launch the petition, Jamie (Maggie Gyllenhaal) and Nona (Viola Davis), want better lives for their children. Failing to win the charter school lottery, the pair join forces to overcome the many obstacles the system has in place.

Parents and teachers have a lot in common when it comes to our children. We both want to be respected, taken care of and empowered.  The movement is growing.  As we enter a new election, we have an amazing opportunity.  Yes, we can look to our leaders to guide us, but we also need to come together and make this change.  As Nona states in the movie “What are you going to do with your one and only life?”

The passion shared in this movie was inspiring.  Several intimate moments occur, but my personal golden moment had to be when young Cody (Dante Brown) took his mothers forehead and kissed it 3 times during a turning point in her life.  It was a simple reminder of the power of love.  Here she kisses his…

Dante who played the character Cody was at our premiere.  At the post wrap up, I could barely keep a dry eye as I spoke to his mother about his acting at that moment.   We both knew that it wasn’t acting – that was based on personal experience.  That mother has done well.

So as we prepare for the an election and new direction in our political system, let’s stick to the facts. Let’s cut the name-calling, demoralizing ad campaigns and act like adults. We need to work together.  Let’s hold our own selves accountable to making decisions and fulfilling our own promises.

You discover what is wrong and what is right as a child. One day, you will find yourself in a moment that you see something very wrong happening around you.  Not sure what to do?   For a lil encouragement, “ink” in a date for September 28th and welcome “Back to School” this month with an educational night out at the movies.

For more information about how to get involved with your local schools check out the WBD Toolkit.