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National Grandparents Day September 9th

It’s Great To Be Grand

In the United States, Grandparents Day is always the first Sunday in September after Labor Day.  So let’s get ready for a grand celebration Sunday, it’s time to love all over our grandparents.

Founded by Marian McQuade, her primary purpose was to celebrate and honor elders.  In 1978, President Jimmy Carter encouraged grandchildren to inherit the wisdom and heritage from their grandparents, so he made it a national holiday.

From a “grand,” new name and lots of hugs and kisses … to a second chance for patience, adventure and fun.  This national holiday should be a way to cherish this grand season of life.

Connecting with the next generation takes on a different dynamic when parents are not in tow.   So, if your children want to have a day or a sleepover just with grandma or grandpa…let them!

Love these sweet lil books on the gifts of being grand.  Both pay tribute to the special joys and rewards of grandparenthood.  These could make the perfect gift to honor the seasoned grandparent or to enthuse the grandparent-to-be, simple reminders of how good it is to be grand!

If you are up for an art project, grab the paint and get your kids all colored up!

Print out a few photos, grab an album and make a special delivery!

How about making a professional memory recording?  Grab a grandparent and invite your child to do an interview, recording meaningful conversations about their life experiences, wisdom, histories, and advice. Think of it as your own NPR StoryCorps session.

And if your grandparent lives far away, a simple phone call or letter in the mail will always make them smile. For me, I say a prayer- as I know my grandparents are watching over me from above.  I have learned from their wisdom and was blessed by their love….a solid foundation to build upon.