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Inspired By Our Fellow Americans

A New Day

The 11th anniversary of the September attack was another unforgettable day. This year, many Americans came together in the same remarkable way that so many of us came together following the attacks.

This National Day of Service and Remembrance had millions throughout the world performing good deeds, each paying tribute through positive action.  So we jumped on board.  At 5pm, the children and I grabbed our flags, banners and signs and walked out to our roundabout in the neighborhood.  All we did was stand on the corner with our signs, smiled and waved.  And what we got in return was unforgettable.

Several hundred honks…yes- we counted.

Hands waving out their window, with peace signs and thumbs up.

Shout outs of “Thank You”,  “God Bless America” and “We Will Never Forget”

It was simple, but heartfelt by everyone that day.

Our crew grew with some neighborhood kids joining in…

I even had a lady and her son ride up on bikes to share her story on how she lost her friend “Cece”- she was an airline stewardess on United Flight 93.

We then hugged and shared a moment.  We did not know each other, we did not have to…

The rest was history.

We hope you will help us grow the movement.