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Back to School Traditions

Back to School Week

Parents often have as much, if not more, back to school anxiety than their children. Enjoy these tips and traditions to help ease those jitters and welcome in a fab first week of fun!

1. Serve up a special breakfast.

We hit up the local Krispy Kreme an hour before school starts.  Warm fresh original glazed doughnuts gets just about anyone excited for the first day of school.  I also fancy up the chalkboard at home with “First Day of School” highlighted with their names and grades chalked all over.  A dozen balloons from the dollar store tied around the breakfast table would be fun too!

How yummy is this breakfast idea….that’s wheat toast for the cone.

2. Take a photo.

Loving the pic with all kiddos lined up looking their best in front of the front door.

3. Go for a walk.

We don’t live close enough to our school to walk, but if we did…what a great and healthy way to kick off the morning.  Our walks will take place after dinner, a great time to wind down and open up discussion about their day…yours too!

4. Write in a journal.

My daughter welcomes 2nd grade this year, a journal to write down her feelings may be just the thing to capture her feelings.  Create one for yourself as well.  Mark the start of each school year with a journal entry. If you have multiple children, you could invest in a journal dedicated to each one. Spend ten minutes each year writing about that child–his interests, goals, and school subjects.  What a keepsake for your child when they graduate.

5. Wrap up the school supplies.

When we register for our school, supplies are included in our overall tuition.  This year, I did buy a few things for her keep to herself.  A fun journal, cute erasers and a funky like file folder to hold her personal notes and artwork.  I just packaged it up tonight with a note from the hubby and I included.  I will also slip in a note to the teacher sharing our excitement as well as bring a small lil plant she can give her teacher.

6. Celebrate their growth.

We have a growth chart in each of the children’s rooms, the first day of school is the perfect time for you to get out the pen and “ink” in their height.  You don’t need a fancy growth chart to capture the age,  the inside of a childs doorway or garage door does the trick too!

7. Notes, notes and more notes.

A simple note on a post-it on your child’s door, mirror or in their lunch bag with an expression of love or laughter will keep them close to you all day.

Or have fun with “The Back to School Fairy”…

8. Recite a poem.

Encourage the kids to write a poem for the first day –  it could be either a tender or a hilarious way to begin the day.  Or you could just choose a selection from a child’s treasury to read in honor of each child.

9. Let your kids pick the dinner menu.

This is a big hit and a fun collaborative effort if you have more than one child.  Let  each child pick out of a hat on what they get to choose – dessert, main dish or drinks.

10. Give your children flowers

This year we will give our children a lil potted plant.  We will plant it when they return from their first day.  We will watch it grow just like they do throughout the year.

No matter what you do, just have fun and make it special.   Kids love rituals and a well-chosen tradition adds meaning to the routines of our lives.

And remember…

What does your family do to welcome in the new school year?