Olympics Medalist Update from London

Loving the View…

As we continue our journey with Olympian Janet Evans in London,  she enjoys a great night in London with the parents of USA Swimming’s newest gold medalists.

You can never get enough of TEAM USA demolishing the field in the men’s 4×200 free relay. Go USA!

Off to Olympic Park bright and early. A fun day of basketball and gymnastics ahead.  Here is the view upon entering the Stratford Gate.

Tony Parker and the French team v. Lithuania

Janet was excited to sit with friend & hero Jackie Joyner Kersee at the first evening of athletics in London!

Janet and fellow Olympians are still trying to figure out why the Olympic Cauldron can’t be seen from all of Olympic Park.

As Janet winds down her 2012 Olympics, she enjoys a fab night out with fellow athletes and celebs.  Now onto plans for 2016….with golf on the agenda, it is only appropriate that Greg Norman is in London.

After two weeks in London, Janet arrived home yesterday. It was an amazing Olympics and she is now excited to cheer on Team USA from her couch with her family next to her!  Here is how we recommended she roll with her kiddos late night…Box seats!  Our kids create new viewing designs nightly. If only they could stay awake!