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An Olympians View from London

London Calling…

As we all enjoy the Olympics from the comforts of our home, I was hoping to share with my readers some first hand experiences of what is happening in London.  So I called up my girlfriend who was headed over to the Olympics to see if she can share some coverage.

My friend said she would be happy to give us some insight of her experiences during her Olympic journey.  Over the next few weeks I will share her photos and comments first hand, so we all can feel a bit of the London vibe.  Below she shares the Olympic Park at dusk before its transformation.

So, a special shout out and big “Thank You” to my friend, fellow mom and 4 time Olympic Gold Medalist Janet Evans Willson…here are the Olympics through her eyes.

john strand photography

Janet left for London on July 23rd and arrived the 24th to be whisked away by this tricked out Olympic inspired BMW.

Just three days later the Olympic Torch breezed by her hotel room on a double-decker bus

Here is our girl giving friends a tour of USA House, the official hangout of US Olympians.

Gridlock became an issue in London when the cabbies went on strike..nice timing!

Getting ready to tour the Olympic Village

Tyson Chandler getting ready to practice.  Janet loved her tour of the Olympic Village.

1948 London Olympic Torch on display in Team USA’s training facility. Inspirational!

Be sure to visit back soon to see Janet’s next journey…