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The Great Recipe Swap

Recipe Invite

July and August are great months for Family Reunions. Here’s an idea to make your next gathering even more memorable.

Every family has a treasure trove of valuable family recipes, just waiting to be shared with extended family. You all know how much I love my Aunt Kathys Kaluha cake! Sharing a simple recipe likes Kathys is the true essence of how we promote family traditions and help future generations capture the love we share during holidays or everyday.

In the pre-planning of your reunion, include one recipe card in every reunion invite you send out.

Ask each family member to mail back the recipe card with their favorite family recipe 1 month prior to the reunion. When you receive all the recipes, make one set of copies for each family member. Include the recipe collection in the reunion information packet or use as a farewell gift. I use this recipe box to keep all the originals.  Just too easy and way too priceless to pass up!

The recipe invite is also fun to do if you want to send out a summer update card to family.  You can have them send back the recipe card then make up books for a memorable holiday gift.   Place recipe books at Thanksgiving table place settings for each family member or wrap them up and place under the tree at Christmas time.