The Fab 4th…

Independence Day

Daddy had a request this year for the 4th.  Can we enjoy a semi-quiet morning together, make our own pancake breakfast, have our own lil parade and maybe throw some creative time together before we head off to the big evening celebration for the 4th?  He asked so nicely…

Soooooooo…..I woke up early and flipped some pancakes and bacon.  (BTW- Bacon is so much less messy cooked in oven while you are flipping jacks on the grill.)

We had a parade of hats…

This has become a fun lil tradition every year.  We snagged this “Mickey Mouse-Abe Lincoln 4th Hat” over 10 years ago when Jeff & I enjoyed the 4th at Disneyland.  We take shots in it every year….oh how we have grown!


We accomplished Daddys fav request- which was to do some art together as a family.  Here are some of the kids canvas masterpieces proudly displayed in their playroom.  (Daddys amazing work is in progress…poor guy never gets to finish)

As for my wish to do that amazing flag I found of hands and feet…I did it and love it!

So did Grammy and Papa!

The bigger the flag, the more my heart melts for the country.

Loved how clean and simple our table centerpiece was…

And how fabulously overcrowded the dessert table was…

My husband loves apple…I am all about the cherry.

Happy Boys.

We then hit up the face paint.

Lots of crafts, bounce house, carnival games, and dancing…

The kids of course indulged in the many cotton candy, snow cones and other must have 4th treats. (I actually let them go crazy with treats on this day)

The result?

Here we are trying to walk just a few steps to the water to watch the fireworks.  My oldest is on her 5th Shirley Temple (she was upset with me on why I did not bring the 6th one with us), my son is whacked out from the 2 hour bounce house rally, Kate can’t see and I am doing my best to keep my 18 month old happy with glow in the dark bracelets.  Oh wait…where did my husband go?

We then got settled with family and friends.

And then the magic happens.

And your heart melts yet again.