Red, White and Blue Me!

Proud to be an American

I have gathered a few of my favorite things for this years 4th!  This one is first on my list to accomplish today to give to Daddy.

I figure with my small timeline to whip it up in the kitchen – these treats are easy to make and yummy to eat!

If you are hosting at your home a post-parade gathering- how fun and simple is this?

With hopes to still grab some time to shop the firework sales…here is what I hope to find…


Lastly, here is who I hope to thank tomorrow…

En route to our 4th celebration with friends and family, we will take the kids and stop by the cemetary and post flags by those headstones who have fought for our freedom.  Take the time with your kids…. many cemetary front offices offer free flags to those who will honor them properly.  We will check out a  dozen flags per child and start in the rows next to our grandparents who have served…great grandpa first.  Just another simple way to say thank you.

God Bless America!  Very proud to be an American and have a voice..thank you for being a reader.