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Colorado on Fire

The Blaze Carries On

This past Saturday we had the pleasure of visiting Colorado Springs and all the beauty that makes this area breathtaking.  Here we were just 6 days ago at the Broadmoor Hotel.

Lunch at The Tavern in the Green house is a must!  Best spot for kids to join you as well.

I could enjoy the Broadmoor halls for hours admiring their exquisite artwork and extensive bottle collection- here were some of my favorites.  Check out the Harvard Club NYC private collection or the “Very Fine Old Port” vintage 1875.

After a full belly, we headed 20 minutes north to my father-in- laws’ alma mater The Air Force Academy…love the Chapel (Check out the bride and groom in background)

Captain of the 1967 Football team, F.Scott Jackson stands as 1 of 3 generations of Jacksons in front of Falcon Stadium.

A fire had lit up the back of Waldo Canyon mountains that day, you could see its blaze.  I took this shot from the Academy as we left town headed into Denver.

Fast forward to today…how bad is the fire in Colorado Springs? This photo makes it clear.


That is the Air Force Academy Falcon Football Stadium in the forefront.  This is the fifth day the wildfire has ravaged the state, which has seen record-high temperatures and a lack of rain in recent weeks.


The blaze has displaced some 32,000 residents from their homes near Colorado Springs. Some of our friends included.  Other parts of my family visited their old neighbors who lived in the Colorado Springs area – they were going to meet up with us at the academy when they got the call for a voluntary evacuation…so they begun to grab photos of loved ones and pack up.  How quickly it hit home.  Our hearts and prayers go out to those who have had to abandon their homes during this emergency these wildfires have created.


Many of you have already laid down a prayer for this state and all that will be lost. But least we remember that we are part of a bigger picture and working together as one -amazing how we can snap it into high gear so quickly. Let’s pray to quiet the storm of winds and heat, let’s hope for a dramatic weather change and a country coming together for support.

Here are some basic reminders of how you can prepare for a fire emergency:

  1. In the event of an alarm “RACE”:
    1. R: Remove anyone from immediate danger
    2. A: Activate the house/building fire alarm system and call 911
    3. C: Confine the fire by closing all windows and doors
    4. E: Evacuate, leave the building
      Extinguish the fire, if it can be done safely
  2. How to Survive a Building Fire
    1. Crawl If There’s Smoke
    2. Feel Doors Before Opening
    3. Go To The Nearest Exit
    4. Always Use Stairs, Not An Elevator
    5. Close Doors
    6. Use a fire extinguisher if the fire is very small and you know how to use it safely
    7. If you are on fire – Stop, Drop and Roll
    8. If You Get Trapped
      1. Close the door
      2. Seal cracks
      3. Open the windows if safe
      4. Signal for help and phone 911
      5. Don’t jump; the fire department will reach you
  3. If You are Physically Impaired
    1. If you are disabled (even temporarily), you should do the following:
      1. Learn about fire safety
      2. Plan ahead for fire emergencies
      3. Be aware of your own capabilities and limitations
    2. Look for “areas of refuge” like stair enclosures or fire doors. Elevators are not safe during fires. Sometimes it may be safer to stay in your room. Follow the advice for being trapped.
    3. If there is an immediate threat to safety, ask others near you for assistance. If no help is available, seek refuge in a room with a window or stairway. If possible, call “911” to report your location and receive instructions from the Emergency Operator.