A Carpool Graduate

Graduation Ride

Loved my sister’s idea to surprise her son on the last day of school.  My godson/nephew graduated from 8th grade last week and my sister kicked off the celebration with a cool ride home.

At their school (St.Isidores in Danville, CA) , all the families decorate their cars for a tribute to the “last day of carpool” or “pick up” from school.

Inspired words are written on the windows, decorated with balloons, and high school names are proudly flaunted for the outgoing 8th grader.

Friends of the family have a beautiful car collection.  This Woody shown is one of their favorites.  It was an appropriate pick as my nephew enjoyed this past year learning how to surf down here in Orange County with us.  His own surfboard is chilling out the back…loved loved loved this idea.

You can do this for your graduate in many ways…rent a car from a dealership for the day, seek out a 60’s VW bus, roll up in a limo or a cab!  Better yet, swing by an auto museum and ask if any collectors would like to help out and take an afternoon ride with you!  Whatever it is, the look on my nephews face was priceless.  A friend caught him saying  “Wow- who’s the nice ride picking up?”  I just loved it…and so did my godson!