Put it in Writing…

Write on your Ride for our Teachers!

Many of us in California use our cars to express words of kindness to our friends or loved ones…sad, but true- we are in our cars that much!  We are such a market that the pen industry has made millions off us as we buy zillions of washable “Car Ink Pens” for birthday wishes, sporting events, holiday wishes.

Now, my 5 year old son came up with another good reason to write on our windows…Teacher Appreciation Week.

But could I find my car pen among our heap of pens in the house for 4 kids?  No, so what did I grab?  White shoe polish.  It went on with a bit of a smear, but the smile from the teachers was worth it when I picked up the kids today.  I even got a few honks and thumbs up on the freeway.

And for those of you who know me and my bi-weekly car washes….we just hit up the carwash after school and got all shiny again-love my membership!  Inside and out!