My Morning Vemma Jumpstart

Shots in the Morning!

In honor of National Womens Health Week, I thought I would l share with you how I am creating a healthier morning ritual with a shot of vitamins for myself and my family.

Three months ago, my sister introduced to me a product called Vemma.  Like anything, I did my research before diving in feet first. Tried it and…yes, Leslie…I liked it.

Why do I need a supplement?  Well, I take a multi-vitamin but I still don’t feel I am getting enough in my meals.  I wish I had my weekly meals planned out all perfectly on Sunday night, but my reality is that we never know what the next day will bring…some nights we are out, some nights I whip something up, but with 4 lils ones under 7, my kitchen has to provide quick healthy meal in minutes.  It’s not easy when 4 hungry mouths start whaling…and my tummy is growling.

 What I know…

Beta carotene is found squash, collard greens, spinach, carrots, and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin D is found in direct sunlight, beef, liver, eggs, milk, tuna fish, and salmon.

Vitamin C is found in green leafy vegetables, cauliflower, kale, bell peppers, broccoli, and citrus fruit.

What I also know, we don’t get enough of these.

Unfortunately, my kiddos eat junk foods once in awhile…or run out of the house with breakfast half eaten. The result is a shortfall of balanced nutrition that their lil growing bodies depend on for development.  Now I have peace that they are also receiving their healthy intake of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

And…they love it.  My kids line up every morning asking for their “Vemma shot”. Bottles come packaged with a mini shot glass measured to the amount needed according to age.  The bottles aren’t cheap, they run about $40 and last me a month, though I have to say, all 3 have had a clean bill of health for over the past 3 months we have been on it.(knock on wood). Victoria is too young for Vemma shots.


Basically, I tried it and I liked it.  It is working for our family.  Even Dr.Oz loves it and endorses it.  But, there are so many great products out there, this one was a personal referral that I felt would work for us. My friend Kelly is a Monavie rep, I know they have a new vitamin juice line as well for all ages.

Whole Foods, Trader Joes and Henrys will also provide you a list of vitamins you can incorporate in your morning ritual.  Whatever it takes, take the time to do something for yourself and those you love.

Making a positive difference starts with people helping people.