Celebrating 80 Totally Goofy Years

Big Disney Love

Many of you know our love for the Happiest Place on Earth.  So when a big Disney birthday is about to happen for one of or beloved characters…we just had to share our birthday wishes to the big guy!

On May 25th 1932, a little cartoon appeared in America’s movie theaters called “Mickey’s Revue.” It starred a new face that had long droopy ears, a protruding tooth, and looked, frankly … goofy.  We have loved him ever since!  We even have adult and childrens costumes of goofy.

Although he was originally known as Dippy Dawg, he came to be called Goofy and has been delighting audiences ever since. When we need a quick laugh, Goofy’s our guy. Hence, he became a nickname for the hubby – always on hand to make you laugh…and yes he can get quite goofy!  Happy Birthday Big Dawg!

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