A Taste of Persia

A Local Trip to Unique Finds

I love exploring…I especially love exploring and finding gems right here in my own back yard.  Years ago, (after driving by it a bazillion times) I finally pulled over to this store that looked like a normal grocery store from the outside.

What I found, was this fabulous Bahar Persian Market and a Bahar Persian restaurant to boot!

I was instantly greeted by these two breadmen who made me some fresh Sangak bread.  This bread is baked right in front of you then packaged either in a paper fold over process for you to eat on the spot or in a plastic long sealed bag seen below. The kids love everything about this bread and so do I!  We enjoy it in the morning with jelly and some hot tea or it is especially good paired with hummus for an afternoon snack.  My friends below suggested it with some carne asada or add some cheese for a quesadilla!

And look at this price!  $1.89?  I recently was at West Hollywoods Famed Farmers Market and purchased some Sangak….for $5.00! And it was not fresh nor this tasty! And this is located right in my own backyard…happy girl!

They make this bread all day, from morning to night- it flies off the counter.  I grabbed a couple for our swim coaches and made deliveries.  I paired it with Bahars homeade hummus you can get out of their deli.  I did a mushroom hummus with persian spice and a plain hummus.

A $5.oo treat, sure to please any pallette.  Perfect snack after a swim for all ages!

I did not have time to pick anything up at the bakery, but I am sure you can just imagine the sweetness of jelly cookies and fresh crisp baklava.

Look at these scrumptious pastries…

I was able to grab some of their banana chips and dried papaya while I was in check-out.   So fresh!  They have amazing produce as well, some of the best in town and you cannot beat their prices.

So, next time you pass a unique store (no matter where you live-this one sits between a senior center and an automotive shop), take a moment- you will be in for a treat.  Kids too, you will make an ordinary trip to the grocery store, an educational fun-filled delicious field trip.