Set a World Record -Picnic For The Planet

Help Set A World Record…

Just loved this Earth Day celebration of “Picnic for the Planet”- join in on the world’s largest picnic celebration!

The Nature Conservancy is attempting to set the record for most people picnicking in 24 hours. Your picnic can be part of the Guinness World Records® attempt! To participate, download the informational packet.

The basic requirements for each picnic attempting the record:

  • Each picnic must have at least 25 people
  • Each picnic must take place within our 24-hour period: 8 pm EDT on Saturday, 4/21/12 to 8 pm EDT on Sunday, 4/22
  • Picnics must be outdoors
  • Each picnic must have three people to witness the event, count participants and fill out a couple simple forms
  • Need at least one photo

Ready to picnic? Participating in the record attempt is easy!

1) Plan a picnic! Make sure you will be able to meet the requirements above.
2) Download the informational packet to participate.
3) Gather your documentation and photos, and mail or e-mail them to us by 5/4/12.
4) You’re done! Be sure you’ve provided your e-mail or stay tuned to to find out if you were part of setting the record.

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