Participate in the Go Green Initiative Earth Day Contest!

Go Green!

Do you know any schools, classrooms, or students who might want to put their “green” awareness to the test? Tell them to participate in the Go Green Initiative Earth Day Contest!

The contest is a perfect opportunity for students to learn more about their communities and earn Earth Day-themed prizes for themselves, their classroom, or their school.

Students start off by choosing one, two, or all three of the following systems in their communities to focus on: the water system, the food system, and the energy system.

Then they create a Glog, which is essentially an online poster (there’s a really good example here) with text, images, audio, and video demonstrating how a system works in their community and ways it could be greener or more sustainable. The most informative and creative Glogs by individual students, classrooms, and schools will win!

I love that this conetst supports environmental education and awareness building at a local level. Wells Fargo is supporting the contest by providing a prize: The Wells Fargo stagecoach and horses will visit a school and give students rides—local conditions permitting, of course.

For a list of prizes, official contest rules, and other details, please go to the Earth Day Contest page. Entries must be submitted by April 22, 2012. Good luck!