Holy Week Begins

Spiritual Journey

Sunday, April 1st was “Palm Sunday,” the day that marks the final week of Lent. It’s a time of reflection and preparation for Good Friday and Easter, coming up in just one week. Christians worldwide welcomed Holy Week as Palm Sunday services were celebrated in churches everywhere.

The day symbolizes the arrival of Jesus Christ in Jeresulem for the festival of Passover when crowds greeted him waving palm leaves. On Sunday, palm fronds blessed by Priests were distributed among the faithful.  A family tradition we have continued is turning the blessed palm frond into a cross.  My husband can put together several dozen in an hours time…yes, it is during mass, but if you find one guy that can do this at mass, he becomes “the cross guy ” for several rows and you just start doing everyones palms.  The “Cross Guy ” is always my husband. It’s all good, sharing the love.

During the holy week, practices like distributing alms, fasting, charity works and attending mass occur.  The passion and intensity of this week depends on the believer.  In my opinion, the resurrection is the most beautiful time.

Pope Benedict XVI kicked off the Catholic Church’s Holy Week celebrations with Palm Sunday Mass in St. Peter’s Square.  He has a busy Holy Week ahead of him, with public services Thursday through Easter Sunday. Benedict directed his Palm Sunday homily to young people, urging them to welcome Christ into their lives as the people of Jerusalem welcomed him.