Have you hugged your Earth today?

Earth Day 2012

This weekend we celebrate our Earth and hopefully launch many new traditions to treat her well.

On Saturday, my son had his T-ball game, and it was our turn to bring snacks.  So we thought we would send out this note to parents the day before and see if we could come together as a community who cares for our planet:

Hello Giants!

My son Ward is on your childs team and we have snack tomorrow.  

This weekend is Earth Day and the peeps are trying to get everyone in the world on board in having a “Picnic for the Planet ” this weekend and attempting to capture the Guinness World record.  The effort does not start until 8pm Saturday, but I think it would be fun to share with the kids the idea and take a minute or two to capture the fun.  So, I thought, if everyone can connect their blankets and chairs in one long effort while watching game tomorrow- we would feel pretty united.  Then, after the game, if the kids can sit with all of us on all the connected picnic blankets for a bit,  I will share their Earth Day snack bags for a minute or two and we will capture a picture of us together.  Our lil part in joining in on the celebration of Earth Day “Picnic for the Planet”!
The Nature Conservancy peeps are attempting to set the record for most people on a picnic in 24 hours. Our picnic won’t be counted as part of the Guinness World Records® attempt since it is 10am, but you can do this with friends/family over the 24 hour qualifying period 8pm-8pm. Click here for more info about the record effort.  

Go Giants!   Wards mom”

Here was the result of a simple effort and idea…

Just loved how this Earth Day celebration of “Picnic for the Planet”came together.  Even though we were not officially counted for the World Record due to a morning game, we all loved being part of something bigger then us!

I was also pleasantly surprised as I shopped for healthy food snacks for kids.  I  shared our plan with our neighborhood grocery store Trader Joes staff and they loved our idea so much that they wanted to be a part of it…they donated a dozen recycle bags for our kids snacks….leaving them an opportunity to continue their recycle/reuse efforts.  Thank you Trader Joes!

I invite you to start today to do your part for Mother Earth…she helps you through every season of your life…let her know how much you care.

I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in.  

– John Muir Preservationist 1838-1914