Star Wars Welcomes Another Generation

A Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away…

What do you get when you mix a rainy Sunday afternoon with an effort to spring clean?  A Star Wars Trilogy movie marathon of course!

After finding these VHS gems in our efforts to spring clean, we whipped out the VCR and Daddy hooked us up old school style to the family room tube…we were now all set for a day with Princess Leia, Chewie and Han Solo!  Check out these Star Wars collector trading cards my husband found in his pile of childhood keepsakes.

We unraveled the leather cord they were wrapped in and with the kids, my husband regressed back to being a 5 year old again.  They spread out the cards, organized by color, number, character…

Daddy spent over an hour sharing the 1977 20th Century Fox Collector Cards …then they admired each movie cover for a good 20 minutes or so…

I admired Harrison Ford- oh my!

I was amazed and touched how the day came together.  Yes, I was the only one organizing all the “spring clean” items at that point and of course I was also serving popcorn, red vines, grabbing blankets, lighting up the fireplace….

But it was worth it…a day of reminiscing and passing knowledge from one generation to another in a sweet way.  In the end, they did rescue me from my duties and together we restored justice in the Empire.

And so the Saga will continue…or at least heads to school with my son tomorrow.

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