Peach Cookies- A Delicious Moment in Time

Our Peach Journey

Let me introduce you to the most succulent cookie ever.

These were given to me on my wedding day in San Francisco. They traveled to Texas to be enjoyed at the Mobile Cotton Bowl. At Easter, they were placed in our baskets…special moments, special cookie.

My mother-in-law introduced these cookies to me.  She would drive over an hour each way to Los Angeles, in the middle of Hollywood…to an Armenian neighborhood…to a lil old lady’s house, to pick up these preciously handmade works of art.  This went on for years….the drive, the pick up, the presentation.  Oh, how my mouth waters just thinking about them.  Then one all stopped.

Yes, it is true.  No more peach cookies, we were devastated.  Mother-in-law did the drive…but no more lil old lady.  We heard she passed away, then we heard she moved…no forwarding address from neighbors or local merchants.  We searched for her.  We searched for the cookie…but no one came close to her recipe.  We have tried, even traveled to Berkeley to attend a top bakers dessert class on this peach cookie…no such luck.

We finally came to realize something…it was a gift.  This lil old Armenian woman who my mother-in-law just happened to find…in Hollywood…in a small Armenian community….gave us a gift.  For a moment in time, we received a treasure only she could give through her hard work and precious hands.  It was her passion, one she shared with others to enjoy…if only for a moment.

My wish for you today is to recognize these gifts in life.  They are the ones that pass through you quickly, quietly and ever so sweetly.

“Life gives us brief moments with another…but sometimes in those brief moments we get precious memories that last a life time.”