#25 Friends St.Patricks Day Traditions

Irish Celebrations

Starting a St. Patrick’s Day tradition is a great way to celebrate your heritage and to unite friends and family in remembering history and customs. Even if you don’t have an Irish background, you can still start a St. Patrick’s Day tradition to commemorate the day.

Being Irish, I have celebrated this special time my whole life.  So I began early with my lil ones as well. Planning an Irish celebration with a few friends is fun and if everyone pitches in, your wee lil lephrachans will be dancing the jig all the way home.

Here are some fun tips for a Mommy and Me at-home party where everyone can enjoy!

Celebrate with a Toast!  As the lil lephrechans and moms arrive, greet them with some Irish music or how about an Irish singing bear?  Of course, couple that with some green jello shots spiked with a wee bit of 7up! Slainte!

Shamrock Cookie Contest If you can prepare homeade sugar cookies cut out in the shape of shamrocks- you go girl! For an easier, less messy fix- just grab the premade cookie dough and bake…or better yet, some bakeries already have sugar cookies “ready-made” for icing! Mini muffins are fun to ice too!  Don’t forget the shamrock tattoos! Kids love them…they are easy to apply and wash off!

Rainbow Coloring Contest This is a no mess, less stress activity children can do throughout the party.  At this age kids love to snack, graze and play.  So keeping activities flowing throughout your gathering is a bonus.

Emerald Isle Crafts Paper Shamrocks laid out on a small crafts table with stickers, is another easy “I can do by myself Mommy” activity that will spark your childrens attention.

Irish Sprinkles Rain is part of Irelands makeup, so why not turn on your water sprinkler and have the children run under and over the rainbow seeking out gold coins!  The child with the most coins gets to lead the Irish Day parade around the house while the mums enjoy some grub and a cup of tea of together.

Sweet Treat  As your guests head for an Irish nap, be sure to send them off with sweet dreams.  A cookie they designed wrapped up with a green “Luck of the Irish” bow is good luck!

Photos  Before you know it, your chidlren will be grown and days like this one, will be a treasured memory.  So be sure to capture these precious moments celebrating holidays together with your children and your friends.

An Irish Friend Blessing

Wishing you a rainbow
For sunlight after showers—
Miles and miles of Irish smiles
For golden happy hours—
Shamrocks at your doorway
For luck and laughter too,
And a host of friends that never ends
Each day your whole life through!