Holiday #21 Washingtons Quarters

A Penny A Day…

Today we begin a celebration of Presidents that have served us “we” the people since 1789.  It was nice to have the children come home with some artwork and appreciation of our Presidents.

Many of us will be head out-of-town this weekend to enjoy a three-day holiday, some of us will stay home, others will kick off baseball/softball season with the kids, the rest will work etc…whatever you are doing, I encourage you to remember our leaders, both past and present.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Don’t ask me how I thought of this new tradition, but it will be fun for the kids (me too) to celebrate Presidents Holiday with starting up a coin collection. Think Lincoln Cents, Jefferson Nickels, Roosevelt Dimes and Washington Quarters. As I researched a bit more, there are so many benefits to this fun hobby.

A child can learn about history, geography, math and politics.  They can improve their reading ability, comprehension and organizational skills.  I need this!

Further research on coin collecting showed that children boosted self-confidence, became interested in history and culture, improved their ability to set and reach goals and improved self-esteem.  I just wanted them to learn patience and appreciation for art and history!  Go coin-collecting!

Now, I am talking tiny budget and beginning with the state quarters series.  The U.S. Mint is always issuing new commemorative coins and sets. There is a variety of U.S. coin types in everyday pocket change, with more than 38 different State Quarter types in circulation.  Remember these?

I will be looking for the simple 8×10 card I received when I was a kid from my bank as a gift…remember those?  You were encouraged to collect all states quarters…I remember this and loved it.  I know my collection stopped there, but it was fun and I was rewarded from the bank with a special coin once completed.  Had a goal and achieved it…gosh my mother was smart!  Check out the folders today-loved this map!

So as you pack up your car, maybe throw in a coin series book instead of the computer game….and open up a whole new world of appreciation for the coin and your country for your kids.  Oh yah, be sure to check your pockets for loose coins….most people don’t realize it, but there are a number of fairly valuable U.S. error coins and die varieties in circulation today. You could be carrying the premium over face value!

Take the states quarters quiz and see how far you go!