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Friends #20 Picking Out Your Valentine

My Funny Valentine

OK fellow parents, let’s talk Valentine’s Day. Are you taking a headcount of your child’s class, neighbors, friends…wondering how many cards, cupcakes, “politically correct treat/candy” you will need to come up with? I am…multiplied by 3….someday 4.

We do our version of a homemade valentine with our crew – it’s nice to have a computer savvy husband who enjoys working with the kids on creative designs.  Here were the top 3 creations last year.

For you, Valentines might be store bought with a lollipop attached or others might get a bit crafty and go all out and sew some felt hearts on strings. Whatever the hand-chosen valentine, I find these little treasures one of the best parts of their school year.

One year our teacher encouraged the children to make their own Junior Kindergarten box to collect all of them.  We found this heart at the craft shop then made a copy of her school picture, then cut each sweetheart out to paste upon the heart.  This heart is going on 4 years old and still sits in her armoire today with all valentines intact.

I might enhance their experience this year and encourage a lil glitter, some signatures and maybe even a drawing on the backs of cards.  I will attach those adorable Krispy Kreme doughnut certificates to some, as I think the experience is just so much fun and of course the doughnuts so yummy!