Children #20 A Krispy Kreme Tradition

A Sweet Welcome

February 7, 2012  Do you know about Krispy Kreme?  It’s a 70 year old doughnut and coffee shop….and a fav in these parts of town!  Nothing like their warm gooey chewy original glazed- fresh from the oven.

Krispy Kreme file photo

It is our family tradition to hit this donut shop on special days…and with our new neighbors in town, it was just the place to take them as they joined us on their first day of school.  This is our Sandlot crew.


Krispy Kreme has a drive thru which is great when you are on the go, but the real hit is going inside to see how the “hole” process goes down.

Krispy Kreme file photo

The early bird gets the worm as they hand out complimentary doughnuts fresh out of the oven to all visitors.


In addition to the sweet time we all had together, we picked up a few dozen to share with classmates in honor of our new neighbors.

And what a treat we got in return…for Valentines Day they are offering a promo right now.  For every dozen purchased they give you this darling sheet of Valentines.

You flip over the stylish valentine cards and what a sweet surprise…a sweet treat for all your valentines!

Sign up to be Friend of Krispy Kreme– you will be the first to know about exciting new products, special offers and local events…it’ s a cool partnership as they look to the consumer for your opinion on a new product idea or marketing campaign. Be part of their family!  Enjoy a new tradition.

Krispy Kreme file photo

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