Travel #16 Got Car Wash? Will Travel!

At the Car Wash….Yah!

Whether you have one kid or 4 kids like myself, it doesn’t take long before the inside of your car transforms from a neat and tidy space to one full of wrappers, drink cups, cherrios, smashed goldfish, legos, diapers, crayons, shoes, clothes, books….did I say cherrios?  You know the list never ends nor does the smell.

I am not just talking about the kids either- your whole action list along with the returns you have planned to return about 15 times all still sit either in the front seat or stuffed in between the stroller or the grocery bags in the trunk half of your car.

So what did I do to stop the madness?  Got Car Wash! I searched for the best deal in town and always had coupons on hand and deals of the day…but when it came down to it…I needed weekly if not bi-weekly washes and cleaning with my brood.  Many reasons why I jumped on this deal…to stay somewhat sane, tidy up my space, teach kids lesson in cleanliness, health reasons and to prolong my cars lifespan.

I am not getting any kick back for this article.  I just truly believe and benefit from my car wash routine and wanted to share with my readers that it can help.  My local wash spot staff is super cool as well.  They know me now, so I keep the kids in the car, we both vacumn around them and then I drive myself through the wash,  so the kids can watch their movie, enjoy the cool spider legs (as they call the brushes) and I get a clean machine!  Since I get my car washed at this location, they also discount your gas, basically matching the Costco gas price across the street.

Best deal I found with was to try it out and the first month is free. It’s unlimited at only one location you choose and there is a network of Car Washes. Regular Membership is $34.99 for standard size vehicles, $39.99 for oversized. There is an initiation fee of $14.99 but it’s waived with the codes I found below.

This is a monthly unlimited car wash membership program. Select a car wash near your home/work, and you receive unlimited car washes for a monthly fee.

When signing up, just enter promo code: TollRoads1 , and the initial $15 fee is waived & the first month is free. After the first month, unlimited car washes are billed monthly at the normal rate.  I found another code: SpringSpecial7  This one states that two months are free, but it did not work for me, but it may work for you?

If I go once a week, it comes out to be roughly $10 for a full oversized wash with vacumn, clean and wipe down.   I normally go about 5-6 times a month with this membership -so it’s about $7 a visit. Add a few bucks extra each time for workers tips.

Other option…In the middle of purchasing a new car?  Look for a dealership that offers free car washes for life if you purchase your car from them.  We purchased our other car from Fletcher Jones Mercedes in Newport Beach and they provide this service.  We hit their washes weekly as well…their Starbucks and work center stations aren’t so bad either!  While you are shopping for a car, see if the dealership offers complimentray airport shuttle service.  I can’t tell you how much we have used this service Fletcher Jones offers.  This complimentary airport-shuttle service is from their airport facility.  You’ll be transported to and from John Wayne Airport.  Your car will be safely stored and washed, and ready when you return.  An average savings of $30 per day.    I know the Lexus dealership next to John Wayne airport offers something similar …love the customer service.  Worth a few extra bucks when making that investment.

Cheers to Clean & Happy Driving!