Monthly Archives: January 2012

Travel #18 Dust off the Flip Flops

A Winter Break It’s going to be a hot one today- expected 84 degrees inland in Sunny Southern California.  As much as I enjoy my winter weather and all the comfy cozies that go along with it, I have to …

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Friends #18 Baby Steps

A Friend Indeed… My youngest took her first set of steps Tuesday.  A bittersweet moment. She walked right over to her sister then her brother then her dolly…and I was able to catch it all on video…love my iphone.  Squeals …

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Children #18 The Magic of A Family Meal

Thanks a Munch! Statistics are clear: Kids who dine with the folks are healthier, happier and better students, which is why a dying tradition is coming back.  Finally! The magic of a family meal can be pretty amazing.  The most …

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