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A Year Full of Joy….

It’s been a busy few weeks to say the least… I have to say it was nice to take a breath last night and open some mail.

After a few bills and some early birthday cards for Jeff (which I will stash), I came to this card from a family member of ours.

Upon opening it read: “Wishing you a day of happiness, a year full of joy.”

What a lovely card…especially from an older gentleman who lost his wife to a brain tumor this past year.

He went on to share that everything was going good for him …I especially loved how he told us about has his 10 year old Jack Russell Terrier that brings him the paper, helps with the mail and “if I need to talk, she just sits there and listens to me”.

He not once mentioned how incredibly difficult this past year was for him….. No, not once.  Only well wishes for US for a year full of joy. Optimistic. Amazing.  Full of LOVE.

Thank you Wayne for the New Years card.  You have reminded me to enjoy each day and to wrap my arms around the happiness that awaits me.  It will be a year full of joy and many rich experiences.

“Some pursue happiness, others create it” Anonymous