Friends #17 Road to the Olympic Games 2012

The Comeback Kid…or shall I say MOM!

A friend of mine went for a swim this weekend…came back qualified for the 2012 Olympic Trials.

This past Thursday morning my husband saw our friend Janet at the local coffee house, wet head and all.  She was getting ready to go for a swim….in Texas.  The Austin Grand Prix was site for the qualifying meet for the 2012 Olympic Trials and she was on her way out to grab the flight.

Janet Evans Willson made a comeback this past weekend.   The 40-year-old, mother of two qualified for the Olympic Trials in the 400 freestyle on Friday then nailed her bid on Sunday for the 800.  Did I say she was 40?  Praise Glory girlfriend!  You’re giving all of us hope out here!

Let’s keep in mind that at 17, Janet set the world record in the 400, one of three gold medals she won at the 1988 Seoul Games. She later set world marks in 800 and 1,500 freestyle and retired after the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.  Did I mention she also loves to scrapbook?

Finally!!!  A role model for not only our kids to look up to…but a great role model for us adults! Trust me, this woman is legit.  What a fab way to kick off the new year!

Go have fun Janet…live in the moment when it comes to Olympic Trials as you make yet another splash for the young, the old and the young at heart. We will all wave our American Flag for the accomplishments you have already achieved.  We look forward to wearing our red, white and blue!

We hope to see Janet on the tube or maybe a few will make the trip to London?  I feel a girls trip coming on!? If London is out, make it a girls night out or heck…have your bunco group, MOPS, or better yet, the whole preschool cheer for our girl (Sydney and Jakes Mommy) who has shown up yet again!


Janet can win the gold, set Olympic records, make history..but what she really needs to do is beat the American record set in 1989…..oh…she already owns that one!